About Us
Greg Whiting/Owner
With more than 40 years experience both as a musician and sound engineer, I have a real sense of what the needs are on both sides of the stage. 
As a performer, I always wondered if what the audience was hearing, was what we (the performers) were trying to convey. This experience has driven me to be a very attentive sound engineer-constantly scanning the stage, making sure that if something is happening on-stage, it is being heard by the audience.
In addition to that, I have organized/promoted a number of events, and realize there is a delicate balance between meeting the needs of artists, and staying within the guidlines of budget, audience needs, and venue limitations.
I have also had the great opportunity to meet and work with dedicated sound and lighting professionals, and have incorporated them into my staffing.
For any event from small acoustic shows, to muli-artist shows with multiple stages,
Your Event Sound  can meet your needs, and budget, exceeding your expectations.